School Lunch Fairy Eliminates School Lunch Debt with $5,000 Donation

By Martin County School District December 14, 2023

In a heartwarming gesture just in time for the holiday season, the School Lunch Fairy, a 501 (c)(3) charity organization founded by two students in Wellington, FL, has made a significant impact by donating $5,000 to eliminate all unpaid student lunch debt within the Martin County School District.

This generous initiative ensures that 550 students currently burdened by lunch debt will begin the new year with a clean slate, free from financial strain.

Note: The Martin County School District never turns students away from receiving a meal due to the inability to pay. Students without funds to pay for lunch are still given a proper, nutritious meal.

"With this $5,000 donation from the School Lunch Fairy, it takes a big bite out of the goal to eliminate student hunger," said Laura Holmedal, Director of Food and Nutrition Services.

Research consistently emphasized the crucial role school meal programs play in students' overall health and academic achievement.

The School Lunch Fairy's $5,000 donation not only addresses immediate needs but also underscores the importance of community-driven initiatives in supporting the well-being of students. As we approach the holiday season, the Martin County School District expresses its sincere appreciation to the School Lunch Fairy for ensuring a brighter, hunger-free future for all.

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