School Board Approves Plans & Recommendations for Upcoming School Year

June 22, 2023

School Board Approves Superintendent Maine's Reorganization Plan,
Administrative Recommendations for Upcoming School Year

During its meeting on June 20, 2023, the Martin County School Board approved Superintendent Michael Maine's reorganization plan and administrative recommendations for the 2023-2024 school year.

"My primary and immediate goal is for the Martin County School District to become Florida's number one school system," Superintendent Maine shared. "Every decision made has been carefully crafted around what I believe will serve the best interest of schools and our organization as a whole. The purpose of this reorganization plan is to leverage the talents and abilities of our team in a way that positions us to succeed.   We want to ensure we continue operating efficiently while providing consistent, excellent customer service to our students, schools and community."

Learn more about Superintendent Michael Maine's 90-Day Entry Plan and the new
vision, pathways and possibilities that lie ahead for the Martin County School District

The administrative appointments linked here will take effect on July 1, 2023.

The District is seeking collaborative, dynamic candidates for the following positions, which are also part of the reorganization plan:

  • Assistant Principal, Martin County High School
  • Assistant Principal, Jensen Beach High School
  • Director of Safety & Security
  • Executive Director, Principals & School Improvement
  • Accountability Specialist
  • Capital Projects/ Planning Specialist
  • Fingerprint & Background Screening Specialist
  • Human Resources Application Specialist
  • Safety & Security Specialist
  • Video Operations Security Specialist
  • School District Office Receptionist

Those interested are encouraged to learn more about employment opportunities by connecting with the District's recruitment team.

About Martin County School District (MCSD)

Located on Florida's Treasure Coast, the Martin County School District (MCSD) offers an array of opportunities for students based on their unique interests, needs and passions. MCSD maintains robust academic standards, renowned arts and athletics programs, and numerous career and technical education opportunities. Students benefit from the District's many partnerships with business and community organizations, as well as character development, environmental stewardship and civic leadership programs. The mission of MCSD is to educate all students for success.