Thank You To My Local Walgreens & All Essential Workers All Around

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By Joyce Evans, Publisher, Downtown Houston Macaroni Kid April 30, 2020

During this time as the world deals with COVID-19 and the many temporary changes in our lives we face, we still need the necessary items for our family. We've been home for the last month or so, except when I need to pick up the essential items for us. While I'm out, I practice proper social distancing, sanitize my hands several times, I do not touch my face and try to limit the places I would go inside, and then of course as soon as I go home I wash my hands and change. 

Having our local Walgreens open for my family as well as the rest of our community is truly appreciated. I love the fact that I can just run in (with my face mask) and be out quickly. Now available you can drive through the pharmacy pick up window for some essential items, tell them your order (no need to preorder or leave your car), the team will assemble it and get you on your way!

I feel it's so important now more than ever to say thank you to the essential workers out and about in our community helping to keep our home supplied with items needed, as well as those protecting us like police officers, and doctors and nurses helping to save lives. There are so many people out there working during this time of uncertainty, and we thank you!

I am so excited that Macaroni Kid has partnered with Walgreens all over the country by giving Macaroni Kid Publishers the opportunity to personally say thank you to our local Walgreens store team members. 

We had to be a little creative since we were practicing social distancing and remained more than 6 feet away from the manager, but we were able to thank him and his team for being there for our community and passed along the cards made by our family for each team member for him to pass out to the 20 team members. We also had the opportunity to pick up my husband's allergy medicine in the drive-up pharmacy, and while we were there we thanked the pharmacist for being open for our community. Our message to the Walgreens team is THANK YOU, warehouse team members for making sure stores have the supplies needed for our community. Thank you to the cashiers and team members at my local Walgreens and everywhere else for greeting us with a smile, helping us find the items we need. Thank you to the entire team for keeping Walgreens open for the community to get their essential items! 

Our Thank You Project:

My kids and I made thank you cards for everyone that worked at this location, 20 personalized thank you cards and we incorporated this into our art project for the day. The power of a simple thank you and the impact of being grateful and thanking those doing the job they always do means so much to them. A simple thank you goes a long way! 

We also made a sign and drove through the drive-thru to thank the pharmacists for being open.

My daughter created a chalk thank you in front of their store (perfect during social distancing) it was so great to see the customers reactions (from a distance) they all said how awesome it was what we were doing and it put a smile on their faces. 

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To find your closest Walgreens location and learn about their online care services by clicking HERE.

Updated Store Hours
For everyone's safety, Walgreens has updated the hours to allow for extra cleaning and stocking.
Most stores are open 9am–9pm weekdays
24-hour stores are drive-thru only overnight 9pm–9am
Seniors-only hour is 8–9am every Tuesday*
Find more information here.

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Also, you could pull up in the drive-up pharmacy and ask for a menu of shoppable items, including household goods, cough/cold and pain relief, grocery items, baby formula and medical supplies. Tell them your order (no need to preorder or leave your car), and they will assemble it and get you on your way. Please note that products are subject to availability and quantities may be limited. Substitutions may also be offered. 

They are providing face covers to store and distribution center employees and continuing the installation of plexiglass shields in the stores to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. These measures are in addition to a number of other actions, such as an increased store cleaning regimen, adjusted store hours, and social distancing signage to protect you, your loved ones and our team members. Walgreens is also hiring 10,000 temporary workers to ease the strain on their current employees and help those that are in need of work. 

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So I challenge you Macaroni Kid friends, next time you are out getting essential items to make sure to say thank you to the person helping you, and if you are one of the amazing essential workers, THANK YOU from our family to yours! 

"In light of this new evidence, CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission."

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