A Note From Your Publisher...

By Amanda Paxton, Publisher/Editor August 30, 2019

Hello, dear Macaroni Kid families....

As Hurricane Dorian approaches, I thought to myself, "Should I really publisher a newsletter this week? I mean, who's going to want to read it with all this uncertainly in the air?" But then I realized that our job at Macaroni Kid is to provide families with options of things to do. And, some of the articles in this week's edition are about events happening in the not-too-distant future and it'll allow you to plan ahead. Plus.....well......when the storm passes we'll still need things to do with the kids!

Along with the week's family centered news and activities, we have also included some articles with crafts and ideas to keep you busy when you can't go outside. And, of course, we have plenty of activities listed on our calendar but please keep in mind that events may be canceled due to the storm, so please be sure to check before heading out.

Our Macaroni Kid Family is holding you all in our prayers. Stay safe everyone!

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