If the Tooth Fairy Visits Your House, You Need This Tooth Fairy Magic!

Be ready for the first (or next) loose tooth!

By Jennifer Hill, publisher of Macaroni Kid Fremont, Calif. June 20, 2019

There's nothing quite like the excitement of a child with a wiggly tooth. The anticipation of the pending visit from the tooth fairy that builds each day until finally -- the tooth is out! 

Now what? 

Some tooth fairies leave little gifts, others leave money, and some might even leave both. No matter what, it's definitely a fun time in our house when a kid loses a tooth!

I have a few ideas that I love to use to keep the magic of the tooth fairy alive for my kids:

1. Tooth Fairy Printables*

We have some adorable Tooth Fairy printables at Macaroni Kid Printables. You will find a personalizable Tooth Fairy letter, a tooth certificate, a door hanger to remind the Tooth Fairy to "stop here," a tooth receipt, a tooth report, and a tooth chart! Plus, an adorable African American version will be added to Macaroni Kid Printables in July.

2. Origami

You can make amazing shapes and animals from just a $1 bill! I've created a butterfly, a heart, and even a sword out of bills for a very impressed little boy. You can Google ideas for inspiration and directions.

3. Fairy Dust

I like to sprinkle a (very!) tiny bit of glitter on a pillow as part of our family's tooth fairy magic. I've also painted dollar bills with glitter nail polish or glitter paint. You can do the same with a printed tooth receipt from Macaroni Kid Printables! Another idea? Use some glitter, hairspray, and a doll shoe to make teeny-tiny footprints on the windowsill.

*You will find the Tooth Fairy printables and so many more fun and useful printables -- such as birthday party packs, checklists, greetings from camp, holidays, and more -- at Macaroni Kid Printables!

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