An Afternoon of Fun at Joey's Outback Adventures!


April 5, 2017

A couple of weeks ago MiniMac and I were invited to check out Martin County's newest indoor attraction, Joey's Outback Adventures in Jensen Beach. Although the center is designed for kids 12 and under, Mini's a tween and I figured she might think it uncool to explore an indoor playground with her 'ol mom, so we picked up one of her very good friends and headed over to Joey's. 

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as we headed out so I didn't think the kids would want to hang out at an indoor playground for too long, but I could not have been more wrong! The girls had an absolute blast and there was plenty to keep them busy for a long while.  

They started by testing out each of the the facility's bounce houses; the largest one, which hosts a volleyball net, soccer goals, and a basketball hoop, seemed to be their favorite. When they were bounced out, they got some tokens and were off to play on the many arcade games. They wandered over to the Koala Korner, a section set aside for the teenies and helped a little girl select a costume to played dress up. They even clowned around with the costumes a bit just to be silly!

All the jumping and playing made them work up an appetite so they decided to take a little break and grab a snack from the full service cafe. Almost as soon as they finished eating, a little chime sounded followed by the entrance of Joey the Kangaroo, the facility's mascot. After a quick hello and moment to pose for a picture or two, the girls were off once more. It was almost time to leave and the girls wanted to get in more game playing, specifically another round of air hockey, and bounce house jumping. We ended up staying much longer than we expected as the girls were definitely having lots of fun. We created a quick little video to chronicle the day's adventure. Check it out below! 

As a mom, some of the things that appealed to me about Joey's Outback Adventures include:

  • Comfy adult sitting area with screens so you can relax a bit while still keeping an eye on the kids as they're running around;
  • ​A sectioned off Koala Korner, also with a little adult seating, for young toddlers;
  • 30 indoor and outdoor security cameras to keep the kiddos safe;
  • Nice and clean...I know the facility is still new, but we all know how quickly kids can make a mess and while we were there we saw the staff staying on top of things to keep the areas tidy;
  • 4 party rooms, 2 on each side of the play center. Rooms are adjoining and can be opened up into one to accommodate large parties; 
  • A full service cafe with plenty of variety on the menu such as pizza, sandwiches and hot subs, frozen drinks, super pretzels, churros, cookies and more. In fact, during our visit they had just popped some chocolate chip cookies into the over and the smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air. Yum! 

MiniMac, her friend, and I truly enjoyed our afternoon at Joey's and the girls are looking forward to going back. C

Check it out yourself and be sure to tell them Macaroni Kid sent you!

​Joey's Outback Adventures is located at 3491 NW Federal Highway in Jensen Beach. They are open Wednesday - Thursday from 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM, Friday - Sunday from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM. During Summer Break they'll be open 7 days a week. Call for hours.

For more information call 772-444-3782 or visit them on Facebook  at