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Finally, never deal with Lice again! A-Way With Lice (AWWL) provides Grace's NitFlix protective Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment made with food extracts that nourish your hair & scalp WHILE protecting you from lice. NitFlix not only PREVENTS lice, it gets rid of them too! Use it all the time & never worry again.

Grace Ratto, Owner of A-Way with Lice (AWWL) began her career as a Nurse. Years later she returned to school to become a Perfusionist (operate the heart-lung machine for open heart surgery). You may be wondering how this Mom went from saving lives to saving scalps! After dealing with head critters, she began her mission to eradicate these pesky bugs.

Although Grace’s passion for this product began out of a necessity, her inspiration is to provide a healthy product that prevents lice. Lice is prevalent in every school, camp and sleepovers in every zip code.

Grace is working with Medical offices and retailers to provide NitFlix. NitFlix is a non-toxic, pesticide-free shampoo and conditioner that provides nutrients for your hair and scalp while protecting you from lice.

As a perfectionist, Grace is on a mission to prevent people from dealing with this four letter word. She shows a real sensitivity to any parent or child who has dealt with head lice. Grace wants to empower you to take control of your hair with her lice prevention shampoo and conditioner. Most people prevent fleas on their pets . . . now they can prevent lice on their children. With Grace's NitFlix you can really have it AWWL!

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Business Review

"Finally, the end of lice for everyone! Natural and safe without pesticides or chemicals! Prevent it now, or else deal with it easier than ever with this never before done product!" ~ Alan G Eschenburg

"This product is a necessity for every household that has school age children or an adult who works with children. I am a teacher and I deal with students and lice outbreaks often. My daughter and I have been using this shampoo/conditioner for over 6 months and have been around children that have contracted lice and neither one of us have. The product is chemical free, makes your hair soft and manageable, and takes the stress and fear away of having to deal with a lice outbreak! Grace's NitFlix is worth every penny spent! Thank you Grace!!!" ~ Stacy Valenteen Jole‎

"This product was a life saver! While away on vacation, I noticed that my girls (age 7 & 9) were scratching their heads like crazy. I inspected their heads and was horrified when I saw lice. This was one of my biggest fears. I have heard so many stories about how life will turn upside down when someone in the house gets lice. We got home the next day and luckily I had already purchased this product and had it at home. I only wished I had started using it a preventative measure but I didn't. I always thought " it can't happen to us" I gave both girls the treatment as directed. The smell of the product is amazing as well. Each day I would comb through their hair and find fewer and fewer nits. No live bugs after the first treatment either. After 4 days there were no nits at all. I continued to check their heads just because I couldn't believe that we got through this so quickly and there was nothing. We went through this in early July and have been lice free ever since. Thank you Grace for creating such a great product! "~ Sharon Doyle Pratt‎